Foreign colleagues seminars

In IHSPP classes are held throughout the year. In the winter – in the form of practical lessons, and in summer students participate in local and international seminars led by experts from the USA, France, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Russia, Belarus and other countries.
Workshops are real wealth for students and teachers of IHSPP. They provide an opportunity to become acquainted with various psychological, design, translation, economic and other schools, to see personalities of a global scale, and find for themselves the authority of professional activity.

The unusual final

When all other high schools are only getting ready for their finals, we have already had our first graduates of this year - a regular, already the sixth, graduation of the University of the Third Age. 25 people (elderly people) have received certificates of completion of the program activities aimed at preserving and strengthening mental health.
Within two years, 1-2 times a week our students attended psychological studies for free, where they learned to think positively, to cope with crises, fully communicate, and many other activities enhancing vitality and giving a sense of joy and fullness of life. Classes at the University of the Third Age were led by students of master’s degree program of the International Higher School of Practical Psychology.
With great warmth, students talked about Malysheva, E., I. Pudule, Sokolovsky I, Shavykina S., and Deriugina I. and Kirilova D., undergraduates of "counseling psychology" of the International Higher School of Practical Psychology.
In winter  our University of the Third Age is waiting for new students. Enrolment starts from February 1 on the phone:67506257.


International Cooperation

International Higher School of Practical Psychology purposefully enhances international cooperation. For several years, in accordance with the signed international treaties the School is working in various fields of science, pedagogy and culture with a number of the countries:
• Russia (Research Center for Family and Children of the Russian Academy of Education,  Department of Psychology of  University of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg International Institute for the Humanities, Faculty of Psychology of University of Kazan);
• France (Psychological Institute of University of Lumiere-Lyon);
• The United States of America (Association of psychosynthesis of the State of New Mexico,  Psychological Center "Progress Without Borders");
• Germany (Hannover center of psychotherapy).
Contacts are developed with the teachers of the Psychological Department of Moscow State University (prof.V.Zinchenko, B. Bratus, F. Vasilyuk, etc.), the University of Amiens - France (Prof. B. Madie), with psychologists of Lithuania (R. Kochunas, G. Homentauskas ),  the Netherlands (Jaan van de Paul).
In 2001, the Higher School, after signing a certain treaty, was involved in international programs for student and teacher mobility «Socrates-Erasmus», MIPP code - LV-RIGA30.
In the framework of existing international treaties and agreements the university regularly arranges international conferences and seminars. In accordance with the contract the School has multilateral cooperation with the French Embassy, ​​through whose aid teachers from France are working at the School for the third year. The links are established with the union of university teachers of France.  Representatives of the School participated in the International Colloquium "International Day of translation. New technologies and translation. "
Results of research of many teachers of the Higher School can be found in many publications, proceedings of the international conference  "Identity and European citizenship."  Cooperation with the European Centre for Living Languages ​​in Graz (Austria) goes on, resulting in the creation of the School’s Center for Language Resources, which provides students an opportunity to improve their own knowledge of foreign languages.
University of the "third age"

  • The University offers people of the middle and older age (after 50 years) some training program aimed at preserving and strengthening mental health. Students of the University in an accessible, attractive way have training in such vital topics as:
    • What is stress and how to cope with it?
    • Features an age of crisis.
    • Dreams are a reflection of the soul.
    • What is a human being, and what explains the paradox in his/her behavior?
    • The impact of education and innate character traits in human behavior.

These psychological studies, for retired people are provided for free to give them practical assistance, to involve students at the University at all possible intellectual activity and communication, enhancing vitality and giving a sense of joy and fullness of life.
The staff of the School strive to ensure that activity of the University of  "the third age"  is not one-sided one,  but makes a creative collaboration of teachers and students of the School with the students of the "Third Age",  when people who are not leading an active life, can get psychological support, and senior students have the opportunity to develop practical skills in work with an audience of elderly people, to learn to teach, to learn the experience and biography of the audience, to conduct psychological consultations so as to use it in the future when implementing the research program on study of the rhythms of life.
Classes at the University "third age" are held once a week.

Short Stories

      Leaves. Grass. Grains. And even small branches. Some glue. Some cardboard. But the most important is fantasy. Taste. Style ...             
It is the beginning of summer. But crimson and yellow leaves of maple become feast for the eyes, just like in October ...                        
Every year at the end of September first course students make phyto collages from materials of autumn. Creation of phyto compositions is our tradition.   
The beauty of nature doesn’t die in autumn and revive in spring. It lives as long as we can make it a part of culture, include it in our lives, can share with others our sense of beauty, joy, energy...
There’s a design on the wall of the audience.  The image of a girl.  Her back’s nude. The light flashes on the relief of muscle of her curved body. Maidenly spring meets autumn in nature. The beauty of the body is displayed by dark and warm maple leaves. Light plays on the bending of her back and hip. The force field of virginal eroticism. Currents of paint reviving the past time  flowing through the cardboard. This is a work by Alina Semjenova., next to other topics and other motives. But the main idea is the desire to share joy with others.                
Beauty at its peak is the transition from the ordinary, simple, natural to simply supernatural. Way to experience a Miracle.
 J. Mihailov

Trust but verify
Friendship is a disinterested personal relationship between people based on trust, sincerity, mutual attraction, common interests and hobbies. Related people are friends. Friend is a person who helps you when you are in trouble and feeds you when you are hungry like a wolf, and speaks to you when you want to be heard. But sometimes you have to be extremely careful when you choose friends in order not to be eaten by a wolf. You may think that you know a person and that he is your true friend but it turns out that he’s not your friend at all – he is a wolf in a lamb’s skin. But if you have such a “friend” give him a wide berth - both the wolves have eaten much and the sheep have not been touched! Live your life in peace otherwise remember - one must howl with the wolves. You might ask why do you need friends? But if you don’t have friends you might start howl like a wolf! Make friends! If you're afraid of wolves, don't go into the woods.
In conclusion I want to say if you are afflicted don’t get upset!
He that steals honey should beware of the sting.
O. Blinova

Caesar and Cleopatra
You may call her just “Capa”. She is one of three-color Persians...  Beautiful, slim, well-tended, she gets sympathy from all two- and four-footed creatures.  A fine lady. Independent, free, proud, loyal… Her perfections could be described for hours. This time is another story. Probably she has one vice – she never forgives an offence. Though, she never entrusts her secrets. Till the very moment.
Once when I went out of my house I saw Capa. She was gracefully seating on a a small green lawn in between two houses as if it was a throne.
From the place selected by her as an observation post, she could see all the entrances of both buildings: ours - to the right, and neighbor’s one - to the left. Suddenly Capa jumped off and flew as a space rocket to the last entrance of the farthest neighbor's house. A man accompanied by a huge stately dog came out of that house. They both – the man and the dog – had no time even to blink an eye, as Cleopatra jumped, stretched at full length, slapped the astonished dog and sneaked back to her place, but ... Then probably she got the idea that it was "not enough". So she turned around and in a moment was beside the poor and not yet recovered handsome dog, "added" a bit and absolutely peacefully returned to her post. I tried to make her a "reprimand" but she looked at me and just listened attentively ... that’s all.  In one ear and out the other. I was terribly embarrassed for unseemly act of my fosterling.
Time passed. I met my neighbor and his sweet charming Great Dane. We greeted each other. I began to ask for forgiveness. The owner of a dog was an understanding person, moreover, he wasn’t angry. Smiling, he told me what had happened once ... It all started when Caesar, while playing, suddenly jumped out from the corner and scared Capa. Everything that happened after that was a complete surprise for Caesar.
Now, when my neighbor and his dog come out of the house, Caesar faithfully looks into owners eyes and passes him forward ... Caesar himself does not leave the porch till his owner checks if there is no Capa near her well-known vantage point and says:
"All right, Caesar, - the path is clean - your Cleopatra isn’t here, come for a walk!"
S. Mihailova