Duration and finished forms of studies

Department of psychology
(Bruninieku street 65)

Full-time department – 4 years

Part-time department – 4,5 years

Master-degree studies - 2 years

Department of translation studies

(phone number: 67506257, Bruninieku st. 65, Riga)
Day-time department – 4 years

Evening-time department – 4,5 years

Master-degree studies - 2 years


SPPA ceased its academic activities and no longer accepts students for study programs.


Upon enrolment an applicant shall submit to the Admission Committee the following:


  • A copy of an education certificate with  academic transcript (the original produced)
  • Copies of certificates of centralized examinations (the originals produced), except for people qualified before 2004.
  • A copy of a passport (original produced)
  • A copy of a document acknowledging change of a surname, if it was changed (the original produced)
  • 3 photos 3x4 cm
  • 1 photo 10x15 cm
  • Enrolment fee payment receipt – 30 EUR

      Applicants with higher education shall submit to the Admission Committee  a higher education certificate (a diploma copy with its supplement) and a secondary education certificate with academic transcript (copies and originals produced). When submitting document copies, the applicant needs to produce the document originals.
Document copies are not returned.
Riga, 65 Bruninieku, LV-1011

Documents are accepted every workday at the address 65 Bruninieku, Room 112 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Requisites International Higher School of Practical Psychology

Starptautiska Praktiskas Psihologijas Augstskola
Reg. Nr. 40003011275
Bruninieku iela 65, Riga, LV 1011
Konts: LV60UNLA0050003458112
While making bank transfer, the payer has to give the following information

  • Name, surname and ID of a student, in whose name the transfer is made
  • The payment purpose (vocational guidance session)


Trainings, workshops, master classes

There is classroom work. It develops the logic, orientation in an academic subject, gives a system of knowledge. Intellegence is the most important thing in the classroom work. But there is also work for imagination, emotional recovery, the opening of the Other, finding the secret of  one's own  "I".

It is the work in training and creative workshops, master classes ...
It requires an open space. Feeling of freedom. Departure from the usual composition of tables, chairs, positions in space ...

 Summer gives an opportunity to provide training, seminars, support groups, master classes in the nature, among greenery, on the shores of a lake ... Or maybe - right on the water ... If the weather goes bad - on the terrace, if it rains - in the stained glass atrium ...

The trainings are conducted by teachers from different countries and parts of the world - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, France and Italy. And, of course, - by the teachers of the International Higher School of Practical Psychology.

Seminars, trainings and workshops are focused primarily – on the young people who want to be leaders, who are interested to see the secret springs of manipulative games, to discover and understand their fears, to find the reserve forces and capabilities, to strengthen their mental "I", to learn how to establish positive relationship with the partners of the opposite sex, to specify one's  desires, to be interesting to talk to, to understand the nature of love.

Summer in the countryside, communication with new people open up a "second life" of creativity, resources, artistic potential, and is a source of pure joy, giving a sense of completeness of  the experience of time.

Work and leisure – in the rhythm of breathing, in the dynamics of race, in the game of climbing the hills near the road and immersing in the comfort of home.

J. Mikhailov

Application for classes: Bruninieku 65, Riga, tel. 67506257


We admit students from other higher educational institutions for their continuing studies according to a proper program on the basis of individual comparison of the content of study courses and credit point equivalence. The applicants have to hand in an application with a request of their registration for further studies according to a certain study program. Academic transcript has to be enclosed to the application, indicating subjects mastered, amount of credit points for every subject and study period for the given program.
Credit system and educational activities estimation
Credit points calculation at the higher school is made according to the directions of the Ministry of Education and Science about the transition to the unified system of credits accepted in international practice for comparison of  academic programs capacity and teaching loads of students of different higher schools of Latvia and leading countries of Europe. A credit point is a unit of capacity   (in terms of contact hours) of academic courses or other kinds of student activities, practical training included. One credit point conforms to the capacity of student teaching loads equal to 40 hours, classroom and independent work included.
Load capacity for an academic year is 40 credit points (60 ECTS). A student gains an envisaged amount of credits for every subject if he/she:

  • Carried out all tasks in due time and completely on the basis of theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained – 50%
  • worked independently and efficiently – 40%
  • attended 2/3 of all classes envisaged by the course – 10%
  • the student gets 10% of credits for his/her active and creative participation in  teaching situation (the level of  general training in a specific school subject resulted in the student’s personal growth).

The personal growth is specified by the following:

  • according to the results of check of knowledge of subjects encouraging personal growth
  • according to one’s active participation in workshops and training (subjective sensation of satisfaction, growth, development)
  • according to the results of practical activity (ability to perform a new kind of work)

For the attention of all applicants!

We invite you to Doors Wide Open Day every Monday!
At 4 p.m. you can meet students and management in the building at 65 Bruninieku Street. We will tell and show you how teaching situation is arranged, what is done to reach creative potential of every student and we will also give you a close look at coursework of our students.
Come to see us and you will understand what distinguishes our International Higher School of Practical Psychology from other colleges. 

Telephone: +37167506257
Е-mail: sppa@sppa.lv